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Develop, Relax & Play
The Playground Way

The powerplay coaching resource of elite leaders.

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Coach Bebuo Christianne Ewa, MSW PCC

A unique process to leadership development and breakthrough coaching.

Join us as we workshop themes like the idea of enough, choices, leader trust, leader self-care, self-sabotage, ownership, inclusion and more while enjoying our lux locations.


Craft your next leadership development goal from a place of deep self-awareness. 


  • Gain clarity around your leadership style.

  • Learn how to be a leader who plays offense.

  • Learn your self-sabotage methods and how you cycle through them.

  • Raise your floor of support and learn new ways to restore your well-being.

Co-create your experience with Coach Bebuo by submitting your retreat goals in advance and receiving specialized exercises and action steps to complete throughout the retreat to support your elevated growth experience!

Welcome to The Executive Playground Experience.

The Executive Playground (EP) Experience is a place for leaders to explore and experiment taking action and discussing their desires, fears and faults in a confidential space.  From discovering what self-care works best for them to addressing their current stops in their development and growth. The EP Experience provides a sounding board for creating goals, accountability, support structures, and perspective shifts that help leaders make a significant impact while finding a deeper level of fulfillment. 







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What We'll Do:

  • Get clarity on your short and long term goals, envisioning the future and (re)establishing your Why.

  • Get clear on your success and failure mechanisms and take control of your self-sabotaging mindset in a judgment free space.

  • Create amazing habits that work for YOU as an individual.

  • Practicing having uncomfortable conversations in a safe space.

  • Attend live private wellness events so you can decide what flavor of wellness aligns with you and how to integrate it into your daily life.

What You'll Get:

  • Eight 90-minute virtual coaching sessions

  • An exclusive copy of The Leaders Playbook - the EP virtual and softcopy bible, filled with resources for self-reflection, goal creation, and perspective shifting. 

  • Private platform for connection + collaboration

  • A culminating 5-day 4-night destination wellness retreat with everything from workshops to a celebrity chef in service of full rejuvenation.

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Let's discuss



Some pricing is not disclosed on this site. Please submit an application below to receive additional pricing information. Thank you!

Monthly Group Coaching Program


Our signature Executive Playground offering that includes five months of transformative executive leadership coaching and a culminating in-person wellness retreat.

Our next coaching cohorts are:​

  • JUNE '23 - waitlist open

  • JAN '24

Indicate which cohort(s) you are interested in when applying. Flight not included. Pricing disclosed during application process.

Colorful Buildings

Additional 1:1 Coaching Sessions

Individualized support available for leaders who want to deepen their transformative potential. Indicate interest when you apply.

Private In-House Program 

This workshop is available for in-house purchase.  Indicate interest when you apply.

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Arizona Retreat
September 2023

Shine internally and externally with us, as you take on transformational coaching to expand your development and your self-care.

Don't miss your chance to enroll!






About Christianne & Company

"Because you aren't in this alone."

Christianne & Co. was named as such because our founder knows the value of good company and knows that no one person can do everything alone. If interested in working with Coach Bebuo Christianne or a coach from her company for one-to-one coaching, please see our parent company here for more information.

Bebuo Christianne Ewa, MSW, PCC is the founder and head coach at Christianne & Co. and the mastermind behind the Executive Playground Experience. 

Why retreat with Bebuo?

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together”. African Proverb – Martha Goedert

⁠The quote above is the reason why.


Bebuo's retreats bring leaders from varying fields together to focus on deep transformational change using ontological exercises, community, self-reflection, and relaxation. Not only do you focus on your personal growth during this retreat, but you do so with a community of peers working towards their own professional and personal shifts. At Bebuo's retreats, you can expect to experience somatic practices, meditation, laughter yoga, front-door coaching and more while also experiencing luxury wellness and private excursions with our group down to the food you eat.


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Meet The Team



Interning Program Coach

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Jason Frazell

Brand Strategist / Coach

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Meghan Lucas

Creative / Design

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Gabriela Rodriguez

Program Assistant

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