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Let the LEADER in you


You are not a candle...

...and yet you've burned yourself up to shine a light.

You're now expected to create a workplace culture that is fully inclusive while having the crucial conversations to make it so, yet you're already operating from a place of lack.  The energy required to have these conversations, in the face of bias, ignorance, frustration, and pain, is a lot for anyone, and yet here you are trying to do it on top of your normal job responsibilities.


You're overwhelmed, defeated, and starting to feel  d i s c o n n e c t e d  from what has you staying in your role or with your organization in first place.

In fact, a retreat sounds like the perfect escape for you!

But this fully immersive, high vibration, rejuvenating retreat is actually designed to restore you in a way that has you stay in the game rather than considering a way out.

Join me and the EP team as we help the leader in you emerge fully restored and ready to make an impact from that child-like version of yourself that wasn't crippled by fear and overwhelm.  


Gear up for an experience where wellness, inclusion building, self-awareness and FUN merge to catalyze a transformative process that will have your true greatness shining from the inside out.

We're battling burnout with style.


Are you ready to play?

- Bebuo_edited.png

What you'll get...

Screen Shot 2022-09-27 at 10.24.05 PM.png

Accommodations to Restore You or an at-home care bag to work through our wellbeing practices virtually! 

Screen Shot 2022-09-27 at 11.18_edited.jpg

Nourishment to Rejuvenate You
a suggested meal prep menu.


Activities to Reawaken You
**Don't fret! If you are joining the fun virtually. Join us for meditation, laughter yoga and much more.

From where you lay your head at night to what you're putting in your belly, when you enroll in an EP Experience Wellness Retreat, we take care of every last detail related to your stay.  You just have to get there!

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Screen Shot 2022-09-27 at 11.49.22 PM.png
PLAYBOOK (2)_edited_edited.webp

Coaching to Reconnect You To Your Playful Power

Perhaps the most impactful playground of all is the one where coaching will take place.  Over the course of the retreat we've set aside 15 hours where we'll get to lay the groundwork to bring about your leadership transformation from the inside out.  You'll also receive an exclusive copy of The Leaders Playbook - the EP virtual and soft-copy bible, filled with resources for self-reflection, goal creation, and perspective shifting. 

Black Diamond


We've created plenty of space for you to play, whether that's with immersing yourself in the local culture and activities, or doing that inner transformational work.  Below is a snapshot of how this weekend's playground is organized.



To recap, your investment will provide you with...

  • Five-day experience of health and wealth exercises and more.

  • Inspired healthy meal ideas from a private chef.

  • A private virtual or in-person workout/yoga session

  • Extensive opportunities to explore self, mindset, growth and more...


Not to mention...

  • 15+ hours of transformational group coaching

  • and a copy of the Leadership Playbook


Total Investment: $3,750*



: : Retreat Only Track : :

Enrollment includes all that's been mentioned here.

Registration closes 01.06.2023.

 : : Retreat + Group Coaching Track : :

Enrollment includes all that's been mentioned here - as well as eight 90-minute virtual coaching sessions and a private platform for connection & collaboration.

Registration closes 01.06.2023.

"Humanity is really what's needed."

Bebuo is great! Her visual metaphors are something that stick with me vividly. Her text message check-ins throughout the week always keep me going and her humanity is what really is needed at key times. Great balance of challenge to forge ahead and support when it's needed.

- Rebecca, Senior Group Consulting Architect

"I am 100 times more confident."

I cannot recommend working with Bebuo enough. I have been working with her for over a year and the breakthroughs I have had in both my work and personal life are incredible. I am doing things with my business that a year ago I never saw possible. I am 100 times more confident in who I am and I can see how certain limiting beliefs I’ve held my whole life have held me back. I cannot wait to see what we can continue to create together and I am confident that she will help me create the business and life that I truly want! Work with her- you will not regret it!

- Mallory, Talent Development Manager

"Equips you with the framework."

Bebuo is a very effective coach. She has a natural talent for establishing trust and unlocking openness which then leads to constructive explorations. She always has actionable next steps which yield positive results in the short term. Bebuo also equips you with a framework to engage in long term goal setting and guides you through finding paths towards those goals.

- Oumar, Engineering Manager

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IMG_2159 (2).JPG

What have you got to lose?

If you've made it this far down the page, that may have been enough time for that fearful voice inside you head to try to talk you out of this.  It might be saying things like...

"How dare you consider taking time for yourself with all the things that need done!"

"You can't take time off.  Things will crumble to pieces when you're not here, and it'll be an even bigger mess to clean up when you return."

Do yourself a favor and submit an application.  There is no cost, commitment, or catch for expressing an interest.


Which program option(s) would you like more information about?
Where did you hear about The EP Experience and/or Chritane & Co.?

Thanks for applying!
We’ll get back to you soon.


Next steps to claim your spot:


Step 1: Submit an application and tell us about yourself!

Step 2: Schedule Your EP Overview Call

Gabriela, the program assistant, will reach out within 24 hours with follow-up questions or to schedule a brief call between you and Coach Bebuo Christiannne to discuss the program.

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