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March 1st - 9th, 2024*

Daily Passes, Essential (5-day), Enhanced (8-day) offerings available.

Worlds End South Africa

Come ALIVE in South Africa.

This fully immersive, high-vibration, rejuvenating retreat is designed to call you forward into a new perspective while restoring you in a way that lets you stay in the game rather than consider a way out.

Join the Executive Playground (EP) team and I, as we help the leader in you emerge fully restored and ready to make an impact from that child-like version of yourself that wasn't crippled by fear and overwhelm.  


Gear up for an experience where wellness, breakthrough coaching, reflective practice and FUN merge to catalyze a transformative process that will have your true greatness shining from the inside out.

We're battling plateaus and burnout with style.


Are you ready to play?

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Expand your capacity to lead.

Enhance your commitment to self.


Beautiful Nature

South Africa

South Africa, often dubbed the "Rainbow Nation", is a mesmerizing blend of landscapes, cultures, and experiences. Nestled at the southern tip of the African continent, it boasts stunning coastlines, majestic mountain ranges, expansive savannas, and rich biodiversity. From the iconic Table Mountain of Cape Town to the lush vineyards of Stellenbosch and the wild safaris of Kruger National Park, South Africa promises a retreat of both tranquility and adventure. Its rich history is woven into its vibrant cities and ancient tribal lands, making it an ideal destination for those seeking a unique blend of nature, culture, and history.


The Executive Playground Experience is precisely designed to be a safe space for leaders to explore and experiment with discussing their desires, fears, and perceived faults.  The sounding board, resources, structures, and accountability built into this experience is meant to empower leaders to make a significant impact while finding a deeper level of fulfillment.

Capoeira Instruments
Leadership Development Workshop

What's Included:

Whether you participate in our Essential 5-day Retreat Package or our Enhanced 8-day Retreat Package, your investment will provide you with...

  • Multiple days of experiences involving uncommon conversations, coaching, networking, growth, and enjoyment, too!

  • A series ontological group coaching workshops.

  • One 1:1 in-person session with one of our EP guides to set your intentions for the experience.

  • Opening Day Mixer & Themed Dinner

  • Two-day safari experience at Krugar National Park (includes plane ride to the park).

  • Curated meals and experiences.

  • Luxury living in private residences.

Not to mention...​

  • an exclusive copy of the EP Leader's Playbook!

What's NOT included:

  • Flights and transport to retreat destination

  • Excursions outside of what has already been scheduled


Your internal authority becomes clear when you get to distinguish your voice from the voices and experiences you've gathered over the years.


Often times we are fighting external messages we are carrying unaware of where our stories come from and who they really belong to. We become confused about our present day and our path forward burdened down be beliefs and fears BUT it's time to face this problem head on and gain the awareness that allows you to fall in love with your own voice and start strengthening it today so you can intentionally create your present and future unattached from how life has gone so far. It's time to UNLEARN the stories that no longer add value to your life and to choose into shifts that allow for your authentic self to be realized.


Yes, you're successful and you've been successful to date so why should you change anything about your process?


Great question and the answer is.... because what got you to where you are today, may not be what will get you to your next audacious goal or may not allow you to do it with as much joy and fulfillment as you DESERVE. Yes, deserve and if that word strikes a nerve then I'm definitely writing to the right human right now. This retreat is also for people who find themselves plateauing. You've reached a certain space in your life and you are CLEAR that what got you here won't get you to your next level but you need some assistance getting connected to that and creating some mindset shifts but also are committed to generating some bigger breakthroughs for yourself.


Still not sold? Here's the thing. We don't want to sell you on this. We don't even want you to attend unless you are a HECK YES to yourself and your journey because if not, respectfully... you will probably lower the energy of the experience (kill the vibe) if you aren't.


All in all, if you are in, GREAT. Sign up now, If you are on the fence, GREAT. Watch out for content from the experience. Feel the FOMO and sign up for a later retreat if you like. Also, maybe this isn't for you at all. Give yourself permission for that to be okay too. We acknowledge you for even reading this far!

Should you have any questions before joining the South Africa Safari  & Beach Retreat,
don't hesitate to book a call with me. I want to make sure all your questions are answered. 

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8-night retreat stay (March 1st-9th)

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5-night retreat stay (March 4th-9th)

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Image by Jac Alexandru
Who is this retreat for?

The South Africa EP Experience is designed for successful women who need to pause, reflect, and relax in order to plan, grow, and experience breakthroughs in an inviting environment full of laughter, joy, and spice.


Bebuo Christianne Ewa

Bebuo Christianne Ewa's assessment and behavior skills, growth and management experience, and accountability methods make her well-rounded a powerful support for executives who find themselves burned out or in need of new creative ways to think, lead or live powerfully.

Bebuo is known for her ability to deliver painful feedback in the most productive but humorous ways. Bebuo partners with clients to identify more impactful leadership skills that transition into higher revenue, increased retention rates, and higher rewards.  These skills enhance the client's leadership style and are also transformative and supportive for direct reports, peers, and the organization as a whole.

About Christianne & Co.

We exist to create a transformational space for leaders to do the deep, reflective work that enlivens them to lead in an optimistic, fully replenished way.  This will empower greater self-awareness and internal authority while strengthening interpersonal relationships, leadership abilities, and trust.

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